Selected Audio of M.O. Abbott


"I Said Top-Top" (2017-18)
for fixed media (original stereo version)

cDa29 (tetrachromat) (2017)
for 16 instruments

Illinois Modern Ensemble
Stephen Andrew Taylor, conductor
Score Excerpt

Puppis (2016)
for flutes, percussion, and piano

Melody Chua, flutes
Victor Pons, percussion
Tomoko Ono, piano

Lost Lozenge (2015)
for alto saxophone in E-flat, violin, cello, and piano

Gavin Goodwin, alto saxophone
Kathleen Andrews, violin
Kevin McFarland, cello
Tomoko Ono, piano

Synchronicity and Disarray (2015)
for 8 trombones

University of Illinois Trombone Choir
M.O. Abbott, conductor

green unpredictable (2014)
for stereo fixed media

data for sonification provided by Ursula Ruiz Vera

Water Lettuce (2014)
for saxophone quartet

The U of I Graduate Saxophone Quartet
Hyung-Ryoul Kim, soprano
Nicki Roman, alto
Pin-Hua Chen, tenor
Robert Palermo, baritone

Pseudoku Redux (2011)
for piano 4-hands

Whitney Ashe & Tomoko Ono, piano
Score Excerpt

Funeral Music (2006) (Mvmt. III)
for 3 unspecified instruments

Beth Trower, viola
M.O. Abbott, trombone
Tomoko Ono, piano

Foretaste (2000)
for solo cello

Kevin McFarland, cello
Score Excerpt

Gaffed (1999)
for alto flute and oboe

Melody Chua, alto flute
Amelia Lee, oboe


Thomas Nicholson - BRANCH: Plainsound Trio (2018)
with Marc Sabat and Thomas Nicholson, violins
click to hear it on YouTube

Zhaoyu Zhang - Power of the Script (2015)

Eric Zurbin - Faërie-Talas (2015)
with Ann McLaughlin, harp, and Tomoko Ono, piano

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