I have many years of experience as a music educator, in both private and classroom settings. I currently offer instruction in trombone, composition, and music theory. Please continue reading below, or refer to mv CV, for more information about my background in these areas.

I am available to teach privately at my home studio in Berlin, Germany or I can travel to your home or studio. I am also available to teach remotely over Skype or via e-mail correspondence, if appropriate. Please contact me via e-mail to inquire about rates and scheduling.

Obwohl ich daran arbeite, meine deutschen Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern, kann ich im Moment nur Unterricht auf Englisch anbieten. Ich hoffe, in naher Zukunft Dienstleistungen auf Deutsch anbieten zu können.

Trombone Lessons

I offer trombone lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. I believe in emphasizing a strong foundation of fundamental technique, sound production, basic musicianship, and discipline of practice that is relevant across all genres of music.

I am primarily trained as a classical trombonist and I have extensive experience performing new and experimental music. I have studied with some of the top classical and new music trombone performers in the world, and I have a deep knowledge of standard classical and emerging new music repertoire. I have also played a great deal in jazz big bands and studied jazz trombone with legendary former New York City freelancer Jim Pugh.

Composition Lessons

I offer composition lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. As a composition instructor I recognize that the interests and goals of my students vary greatly, and as such I believe in a highly individualized approach to help each student explore possibilities and reach their potential.

I have composed in a variety of styles since my early teenage years, and composition has been the focus of my university study at the graduate level. I therefore have a broad knowledge of current and recent trends in Western art music. This extends to matters including form, orchestration, notation, extended techniques for all instruments, music notation program use, and engraving.

My current focus as a composer is on experimental art music crafted via computer-assisted algorithmic composition, generally intended for performance on traditional Western instruments, written in just intonation. I am uniquely equipped to teach students interested in these compositional facets.

Having studied for many years in the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios and Computer Music Project, I am also well-versed in electroacoustic composition and computer music. I can therefore offer instruction in topics such as electronic studio techniques, recording, DAW use, signal processing, and music-related computer programming.

SuperCollider is also a particular specialty of mine. I am available to teach the application to beginners from scratch, I can help improve or broaden the existing knowledge of intermediate or advanced users, and I often assist in creating or improving customized SuperCollider patches for composers and performers.

Music Theory Lessons

I offer music theory lessons and tutoring to students of all ages and skill levels. Theory knowledge is essential for the development of musicianship, and I teach basic and necessary theory to my trombone and composition students. However, theory can also be taught as a standalone subject in its own right.

Music theory was my main area of study as an undergraduate at the Eastman School of Music. I have also taught undergraduate theory courses as a teaching assistant during my graduate studies at University of Illinois. Theory topics I am able to assist with include formal analysis, harmony, counterpoint, set theory, serialism/12-tone theory, contemporary music analysis, microtonality, and just intonation.

Music theory lessons can be particularly useful for students preparing for college entrance or placement exams in music theory, or for students who are already taking classroom music theory courses but need extra help.

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